Advice from my dog

I have 3 cats, 2 dogs and one horse…. The girls will tell you that the pets belong to them… whereas in reality, they all belong to me. I feed them, I groom them, I doctor them, and I talk to them and treat them as if they are human. In many ways they are more human than a lot of humans. I much rather spend time with my pets than with people… and in many ways my pets treat me better than my children do. They never back chat, they never raise their voices to me, and they never pick a fight with me. Jan, my big black cat does however raise his voice if I am completely honest. He is always hungry and will walk through the house meowing while looking for me. Apparently when I go out, he drives my husband and the girls nuts with his crying. He sits and meowing at the door till I return. Having Jan in the house is like having a baby in the house. He is always hungry, and he always wakes me up in the middle of the night… I love him like I love babies.  And therefore, I tolerate his behavior because he gives me so much pleasure. 

My dog Fly loves Jan too… However, Jan hates her. She always follows him around and look at him with droopy eyes. Even when she was a puppy, she would fall over her feet in her quest to get Jan. But Jan is just not interested. He slaps her on her nose with his paw and of course he puts a little nail into it, drawing blood But Fly persists. She loves him and she is going to make him love her back, even if she ends up with a bloody nose every now and again. 

You see, Fly believes if she persists, he will come around. She believes that is it is only a matter of time before he realizes that she is not going to give up on him. And really, who would not want a big dog as a friend? Fly seem to think Jan needs to wake up and smell the coffee: she would be a wonderful companion. She could protect him against other unfriendly animals and people. She has so much to offer, if only he would think about it…

Looking at Fly and her attitude towards Jan, made me realize that somethings in life are worth persisting for.  And sometimes that thing you do not want to accept may actually be good for you. That friendship you avoid at all cost, might actually benefit you.  I for example have very specific ideas about life, the things I do and don’t do. I have strong opinions and ideas about how things should be, and how I want to live my life and how a good life should be lived.  I do not take easily to change. In fact, my routine is always the same and I do not like anyone to interfere with my plans and my routine. I am very set in my ways and habits and hardly ever consider changing anything I do or how I do it. But maybe I can benefit from getting out of my little comfort zone and making new friends and adopting new things in my life… maybe it is also time for me to wake up and smell the coffee, not only Jan….